VERSATILE INDUSTRIAL is strategically positioned to offer a comprehensive solution to individual and company needs based on service that speaks of professionalism and technical expertise. The focus on Versatile Industrial is to form partnerships with its customers and to provide the best safety solutions possible by adding value through service excellence and quality products.

Versatile Industrial was established in 2011 and its focus was mainly supplying cleaning rags to industries around the Gauteng area. Since then the company has positioned itself strategically and has expanded its operations in Gauteng.

The CEO’s’ entrepreneurial spirit coupled by innovative, organised and controlled methods of management has expanded the business from a house based operation into a medium sized business. In 4 years of existence, the company has grown and penetrated into local and national markets, and has diversified into manufacturing wooden pallets as well as the supply of Corporate wear. VERSATILE INDUSTRIAL is a level 3 BEE compliant company.

Strategy & Vision


The Vision of VERSATILE INDUSTRIAL is to become the supplier of choice by supplying quality products at competitive prices.


VERSATILE INDUSTRIAL is committed and dedicated towards all stakeholders based on honesty, reliability and integrity in all its dealings and transactions.

VERSATILE INDUSTRIAL will endeavour to understand the needs of its clients, keeping them secure in the knowledge that it will fulfil their needs from conceptualisation & design of their work wear and PPE, to its manufacture & ultimately the supply of a completely personalised solution to their business.

Business goals & objectives

Our goal is to make VERSATILE INDUSTRIAL a household name in the following industries:

Mechanical * Marine * Engineering * Chemical * Mining * Construction * Petrochemical * Safety Suppliers * Government * Manufacturing and Industrial organisations.

Business Principles

Our business principles are guided by three important aspects; firstly our Code of Conduct which is guided by ethics, integrity, trust and respect for others.

The second aspect is Compliance with the Law in The Republic of South Africa.

The final aspect is Corporate Governance where we are totally committed to the highest levels of corporate governance and promote these amongst all our business partners and stakeholders.

Growth strategy

The critical component of our business strategy is based on maximising our growth and profitability and that of our partners, shareholders and stakeholders. Our primary focus will be on:

  • Skills Development.
  • Operate a leaner profit margin to gain market share with utmost importance placed on the quality of our products and services
  • Equity ownership by previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • Enhancing growth in the business partnerships that we are involved in.
  • Occupational health and Safety Consulting

Products & Services

The product range includes but is not limited to:

  • Overalls (Safety Clothing and Workwear)
  • Safety Shoes
  • Occupational health and Safety Consulting
  • Hand Gloves – Industrial and household
  • Safety Glasses – Elvex and Uvex
  • Hard Hats – SABS approved
  • Protective Equipment – SABS approved harnesses
  • Corporate clothing
  • Promotional gifts
  • Cleaning Materials and Equipment
  • Embroidery and Screen Printing on all products